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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Reviews, quotes and a trip to New York...

ALL THE DEAD VOICES has been out for couple of weeks in Ireland and the UK, and has had nice reviews in the Irish Times, Sunday Tribune, Irish Independent, Times of London and on the website Euro Crime. Here are the links:

Val McDermid said: "If you don't love this, don't you dare call yourself a crime fiction fan. Declan Hughes does for Dublin what Raymond Chandler did for LA, warts and all."

Laura Lippman said: “With ALL THE DEAD VOICES, Declan Hughes once again demonstrates that the private detective novel can be vital, modern and relevant in the right hands—and the right setting. His shotgun marriage between this sturdy American form and Ireland’s forlorn, complicated history has proven to be one of the more inspired concepts in contemporary crime fiction.”

And with that, I'm out of here. I fly to New York on Tuesday, where I will be hanging out and doing all things Edgar for the week. I'll be at the MWA anthology launch at Mysterious Bookshop on Tuesday at six; I'll be at the MWA symposium on Wednesday, and at the Partners & Crime party that evening, and of course, I'll be at the awards dinner on Thursday night. I look forward to catching up with folk I'd normally only see at Bouchercon, to being in the same room as James Lee Burke, and of course to the shot in the arm that is New York City. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Declan,

It's Michael Lynch (Leigh Redhead's partner) - we met at the Melbourne Crime Writers Festival.

Congratulations on those reviews. I've only read The Wrong Kind of Blood so far and judging from that everything said above is spot on. I loved it. We're back in Vietnam now so I haven't had a chance to read any of the others yet but we'll be buying all of them straight away when we get back to Melbourne for the holidays in June. I'm really looking forward to lazing in my favourite cafes (and bars) with Ed for company. They're the best reasons for being a teacher - June/July/August.

Anyway congratulations on getting the recent book out. Keep up the good work.


Michael (Leigh sends her best too)

2 June 2009 06:54  
Blogger Yrityksiä said...

Hello Declan.

Congratulation on your latest book. I've been trying to find your emailaddress to update news from all of you.



10 September 2009 11:42  

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